When previously strenuous tasks now merely
require a touch of a button, it's next level cleaning.

A huge relief Cleaning system for truck mixer hopper

Washing out the inlet hopper on the truck is one of the tasks that cost time and pose a risk of accidents. Operational practice is to climb on the platform of the truck in wind and weather to clean the truck hopper from concrete residues.

With Walter's cleaning system for truck mixer hoppers (Ftr), you save time and reduce the risk of accidents.

We offer 2 solutions for this:

  • As an extension to an existing cleaning system (option Ftr)
  • As a stand-alone solution with integrated pump unit (A2-B FTr ECO)

Here, the A2-B FTR ECO not only solves the cleaning of the hoppers, but also brings along a powerful hand lance that you can use for cleaning the outside of the trucks or for manual mixer cleaning, for example.

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Truck mixer funnel cleaning
Simply clean regularly.
Shorten tours.
Increase work safety.

Designed for regular cleaning

How does the cleaning work?

  • After loading, position the truck under the hopper cleaning system
  • Start cleaning optionally via button, radio remote control, ext. signal
  • Wait 7s
  • Finished!

How long does a cleaning take and how much water is used?

  • The cleaning takes about 7s
  • For 1 cleaning approx. 7L of water are used
  • The amount that goes into the drum are about 3 - 5L

Fast - safe - efficient: The automatic truck mixer hopper cleaning system from Walter!



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