When previously strenuous tasks now merely
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Individual cleaning systems for pan mixers

The production of concrete in pan mixers places high demands on the raw materials used, the mixing plant, the formulations, and the cleaning of the mixing equipment in order to ensure high and consistent product quality.

The cleaning of the mixer influences the wear and the operational readiness of the plant and has a great impact on the quality of the manufactured product.

WALTER's automatic cleaning systems offer solutions for all cleaning tasks in the concrete industry. With our system you reduce the cleaning time, achieve a complete and thorough cleaning and thus increase your profitability and productivity.

pan mixer

pan-type mixer inside view before automatic washout cycle
pan-type mixer inside view after automatic washout cycle

Modular design Walter mixer washout systems

The basic elements of an automatic high-pressure cleaning system for mixers are water, a pump unit consisting of electric drive and high-pressure pump, designed for the mixer size, and several high-pressure cleaning heads permanently installed in the mixer.

The use in concrete mixers makes special demands on our RD3 cleaning heads. The cleaning head with rotating nozzles creates a three-dimensional spray pattern and puts the cleaning power where it is needed.

The robustly designed cleaning head made of stainless steel with well thought-out self-cleaning is able to cope with the toughest requirements when cleaning heavy soiling in the concrete industry.

RD3max washhead

Technologies for this application

Better cleaning results.
Reduced manual secondary cleaning.
Greater reach.


The pump system for small to medium sized mixers.

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Nozzle systems RD

Nozzle systems RD

The RD nozzle system is a powerful rugged tool that brings cleaning power to places they often can't reach any other way.

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What would a pressure washer be without spraying equipment such as lances, guns, hoses and all kinds of nozzles?

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