When top quality meets extensive service,
it is next level cleaning

next level service

for over 50 years!

In addition to our traditionally high product quality, fast, reliable service, uncomplicated assistance, and extensive expertise have been a given for us for decades. And as our valued customer, you are our main focus.

At WALTER, we don't just develop and produce our high-quality system solutions. We also take care of assembly and commissioning, timely maintenance, safety inspections, and preventive maintenance measures for you. Prompt and competent spare parts service is a given and we pride ourselves in providing spare parts even for those systems that have already run for over 20 years and more. We also provide replacement and emergency equipment as temporary solutions where possible.

Wherever you are, our qualified service technicians are closeby: if not in person then by phone or video chat. In short: we help and advise you wherever we can, to find individually suitable solutions for your needs.

Competent, flexible, honest, and service-oriented.

Walter Service

Service orientation.
Walter Service

Technology needs service

Our service technicians ensure timely maintenance of our systems and thus preventive maintenance.

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Our services

  • Professional assembly
  • Optimisation or adaptation of the components to the application requirements
  • Trial operation under test and production conditions
  • Production support/supervision, if necessary with adaptation work
  • On-site training in technology and function
  • Safety instructions and accident prevention
  • Complete commissioning
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