When foaming is done with enthusiasm, 
it's next level cleaning.

Mobile cleaning satellite Walter chemical dosing cart CDW

With the chemical dosing trolleys, you take the cleaning agents wherever they are needed. And only when they are needed. A water connection with min. 10 bar and a compressed air connection for foaming are required for operation.

The trolleys are available in different variants and can be configured exactly for your application:

  • Can be connected to all pressure cleaning systems with an operating pressure of 10 bar or more
  • For pressure cleaning, foam cleaning and disinfection
  • Hose reel SRC (for maximum 40 m pressure hose)
  • Can be equipped with Universal Station 1-2 ( Fig.) with two separately adjustable chemical dosing units and single-lever operation or with Combijector 1 with one adjustable chemical dosing unit
Mobile cleaning satellite Walter chemical dosing cart CDW


Simple handling.
Optimized cleaning results.
Save on ressources.

Technical data

Hose reeler

Hose length up to 25m / 80 ft

Number of additives

1 - 2

Operating pressure (foam)

10 bars / 145 psi and up

Compressed air (foam)

3 - 6 bar / 40-90 psi

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