When the trolley shines in a new
splendor, it's next level cleaning.

Automatic pass-through disinfection

No chance for germs!

The innovative walk-through disinfection - For foam cleaning and disinfection on floor surfaces in walk-through areas - scores with maximum flexibility in connecting to existing supply systems.
A typical problem of any business with various walk-through areas: Dirt and germs are dragged back and forth, whether by shoes or carts, trolleys and other wheeled means of transport. 
Our innovation now puts an end to this: The automatic passage disinfection system kills germs before they cross the area boundaries.


Just Typical Walter!

Automatic pass-through disinfection

How it works:

The automatic passageway disinfection system is easily installed at the passageways and connected to the existing pressure cleaning systems.

The foam disinfection system with proven injector system automatically sprays a 10 to 15 mm high foam carpet onto the floor after a specified time interval. This unfolds its disinfecting effect, preventing the spread of germs by wheels or shoes between the work areas.

How and for how long spraying takes place can be individually adjusted - a manual button can also be installed if desired. A warning lamp signals a pending spray interval - so no one runs the risk of unintentionally running into a spray.

Flexible intervals.
Environmentally friendly.
Individually adaptable.

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Sabine Neumann


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