When there's a solution for every industry,
it is next level…

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next level cleaning
construction industry

WALTER's automatic cleaning systems offer solutions for all cleaning tasks in the concrete industry. With our system, you reduce the cleaning time and thus increase your economic efficiency and productivity.

next level cleaning
Food industry

We help you to reduce your water and chemical consumption to the minimum for your application. We use the entire pressure range from 10 bars upwards.

next level cleaning

With our modular system for container cleaning, you can clean IBCs and batching tanks, mixers and dissolvers of all kinds. Even in spaces you can't see!

next level sealing
flexible connectors

When it comes to secure connections, there is no way around the innovative BFM® connections. As an authorised sales partner, we are your first contact!

next level testing
steam jet testing equipment

With our unique paint test systems, renowned car manufacturers put their paints through their paces - according to ISO 16925:2014-06 or individual OEM factory standards.

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