When the trolley shines in a new
splendor, it's next level cleaning.

Automatic trolley cleaning system in compact design

Whether for 200L or 300L charging trolleys (DIN 9797 standard): With our automatic cutter trolley cleaning systems, you shorten distances in the production area and thus significantly save time and effort. At the same time, you can choose to clean with pressurized water and cleaning chemicals - safely and cleanly thanks to the removable sieve insert and wastewater connection. You can conveniently park the swivel arm at the push of a button. Both systems can be optionally connected to Walter cleaning systems or supplied as a stand-alone solution with an integrated pump.

  • cleaning of up to 30 trolleys per hour
  • 30 % fewer trolleys needed in production 
  • 12 m² more production space at your disposal 
Automatic trolley cleaning system in compact design

Optimized processes.
Increased efficiency.
Reduced cleaning times.

Your requirements – our offerings

Do you already have a central pressure boosting system? Or should the Walter KWR run independently? The unit is to be used as a pre-cleaning stage for another wash? We allow you to choose from a range of options to find your optimal configuration.

Choose from the following options:

Technical data

Trolley size

option 1: 200 L

option 2: 300 L

Rotation speed nozzle system

frequency controlled

Pump system

integrated unit for inside and outside cleaning.

optionally without pump for connection to external pressure boosting system.

Chemical dosing

optional for 1 additive

Handlance for outside cleaning

optional -

with addtional foam injector on request. 


Optimize your workflows with the Walter KWR. Reduce the number of carts in circulation by actively integrating the device into your operations. You will notice that the reduced number of carts also reduces the space required for parked clean and dirty carts! Reduce walking distances in the company. The space-saving design allows you to move the unit closer to the heart of the action. Versatile use - The unit can be used as a full medium pressure washer. You can supply up to 2 hand lance workstations with the unit at the same time and thus expand your existing capacity.We would be happy to advise you personally, please contact us! Press report from the FH Fleischer-Handwerk 6/2016: FH Fleischer-Handwerk 6/2016

Do you have any questions?

Our sales team will be happy to answer them for you.

Sabine Neumann


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