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Foaming and disinfection Walter Combijektor

With the Walter Combijektor, you can conveniently switch between pressure cleaning, foam cleaning and disinfection. Thanks to the single-lever operation, you can easily switch between the media and generate either stable foam or finely mixed disinfection solution.

Self-explanatory symbols facilitate operation, and the safety check valve prevents chemicals and water from entering the air line. Whether centrally or decentrally supplied: the units, made entirely of stainless steel, can be used for water pressures of 10-250 bar and draw up to three cleaning products directly from the tank - with fine-pored foam formation and minimized cleaning product consumption.

  • Combijector for up to 2 cleaning agents
  • Universal station 1-1 or 1-2 for up to 2 cleaning agents
  • Universal station automatic for automated cleaning applications
Foaming and disinfection Walter Combijektor
Reliable chemical dosing.
Perfect foam.
Simple operation.
Combijektor 1 and 2
Universalstation 1-2
Universalstation 2-2

Technical data

Operating pressure (foam)

10 - 250 bar / 145-3625 psi

min. operating pressure (no foam)

4 bar / 58 psi

Compressed air (foam)

3 - 6 bar / 44-87 psi

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