When coatings are subject to precise impacts, 

then it is next level testing.

LTA1 Steam Jet Tester for 1 single test piece

(Almost) everything is individually adjustable and therefore offers you the necessary flexibility to adapt your test specification as required:

  • operating pressure (up to 140 bar)
  • test medium temperature (up to 70 resp. 80°C)
  • nozzle
  • nozzle distance
  • spray angle
  • spray duration

Multiple parameter combinations can be stored and thus repeatedly recalled without any potential for error. 

Various additional options allow not only static testing, but also various motion tests (swivel / horizontal sliding movements).

Laserpointer, versatile mounting options and fixtures, as well as spacers facilitate preparation for a reliable test sequence.

Circular flow operation saves valuable resources through reduced water and energy consumption.


The right testing device - the right nozzle - a competent service team: the Walter complete package!

Our nozzle program currently comprises more than 10 different nozzle configurations with which, in addition to DIN EN ISO 16925, around 20 different company standards can be tested on our systems in compliance with the respective specifications. We continuously work together with our customers and those responsible for the standards in order to keep our program up to date.

All nozzles supplied by us undergo 100% testing. They are certified and accredited in accordance with the applicable test specification.

All nozzles are equipped with a plug-in nipple, which allows an exchange within seconds and at the same time an exact spray jet alignment - a change of the test method with nozzle exchange is therefore carried out within a very short time and without tools.

Specify your test requirements and we will configure your LTA to meet your individual needs!

Annual calibration of the systems to ensure your test results is a matter of course for us. Our competent service team takes care of regular system maintenance and calibration.


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LTA3D - fully automatic testing of several test pieces in sequence

LTA3D - fully automatic testing of several test pieces in sequence

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Walter Service

Walter Service

In addition to our traditionally high product quality, fast, reliable service, uncomplicated help and great know-how have been a matter of course for us for decades.

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