Pressure and volume for next level cleaning.

The pump system DAB for medium to large size mixers

The central unit of mixer cleaning is the pressure unit - here the DAB for double and single-shaft mixers.

The industry-renowned high-quality pump units deliver the cleaning performance required for heavily soiled concrete mixers.

In doing so, Walter provides the right balance between pressure and water consumption, putting your concrete plant ahead in terms of economy and efficiency.

The DAB twin pump unit for large mixers

  •   2 high-performance plunger pump with ceramic plungers
  •   2 x 11kW  /  2 x 15 hp motor capacity
  •   Additional operation of hand lance equipment possible
The pump system DAB for medium to large size mixers


More efficient cleaning.
Optimized cleaning results.
Save on ressources.

Technical data

Delivery capacity

100 l/min / 26 gal/min

Operating pressure

110 bar / 1600 psi

Motor capacity

2x11 kW / 15 hp

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