When previously strenuous tasks now merely
require a touch of a button, it's next level cleaning.

Mixer cleaning with recycled water Less (water consumption) is more!

The innovative automated cleaning process for high
concrete quality with low water consumption

With the innovation less dirty water is produced and on the other hand only little fresh water is needed for the automatic cleaning of mixers.

After all, a typical problem in the concrete industry is: 
the dirty water produced by the cleaning process is becoming increasingly difficult and cost-intensive to dispose of.


The concept

The central element of the cleaning system is a high-pressure pump that can also use recycled water.
An intelligent control system decides in which processes recycled water can be used and then automatically flushes the cleaning system with fresh water.

The use of recycled and fresh water is automated and can be switched to manual operation if desired.
Likewise, the availability of recycled and fresh water is constantly checked to prevent the pump from running dry.


Mixer cleaning with recycled water   Less (water consumption) is more!

Mixer cleaning with recycled water in practice:

CleverSwitch installed with filter Set of valves for using of recycling water for mixer cleaning set of tanks for recycling grey water at concrete plant
savings of up to 80% fresh water.
less dirty water.
for new and existing systems.

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Sabine Neumann
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