When cleaning power is brought right to the point, 

then it's  next level cleaning.

Cleaning in hygienically sensitive areas

Rotating nozzle system RD3

With this version of the nozzle system, we solve cleaning tasks in hygienically sensitive applications. The system can be used in alternation with water as well as acidic and alkaline cleaning agents or disinfectants.

The system is suitable for installation in fixed containers (e.g. batch mixers for food materials) as well as for cleaning movable containers.

  • suitable for use with detergents
  • variable in the number of nozzles used
  • adaptable to any application


The electric motor drive ensures that the speed remains the same regardless of pressure or volume flow. This ensures a constant and consistent cleaning intensity on the surface. Advantageously, the same nozzle system can spray e.g. water at high pressure and cleaning agent at a low pressure or even foam.

Cleaning in hygienically sensitive areas Rotating nozzle system RD3


More efficient cleaning.
Reproducible cleaning results.
Save on ressources.

Technical data

Spray pattern:

180° - 360°

Cycle duration:

2,5min / others on request


0 - 900mm / 0 - 35"

Cleaning power:

up to 22kW / 30 hp

Volume flow:

up to 100l/min / 26 gal/min

Operating pressure:

up to 350 bar / 5000 psi

Power supply:

400 V / 50 Hz / 0,12 kW

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