When a “W” as in Walter is more than a letter, 
then it's next level cleaning

Typical Walter - both family-like and cosmopolitan

We are what we are and what we make

As a traditional, family-run medium-sized company, we have been manufacturing high-quality cleaning systems and their individual components for over 40 years. These are "made in Germany", CE-compliant and safe.

Who we serve

Whether for the food, pharmaceutical, concrete, cosmetics or automotive industries, our cleaning equipment is used wherever heavy contamination needs to be removed sustainably. And if required, we also develop individual automated cleaning methods together with our customers. We ensure the effectiveness of the methods by developing parameters on site.

Where we offer our services

Thanks to our extensive dealer and service network, our cleaning systems and testing equipment are in use in various industries worldwide.

What's important for us

Some of our equipment has already been in use for 30 years. In other words, we traditionally place great value on high product quality - as well as on fast, reliable service, great know-how and uncomplicated, personal help if "King Customer" needs us. Speaking of which: we think along with the customer and give clear, honest recommendations. We also maintain fair dealings among partners and colleagues and - despite all professionalism - a family-like atmosphere.

Less is more

This principle applies specifically to all our Walter custom printing systems, which not only clean powerfully and thoroughly, but also benefit your machines, the environment and your wallet.

We reduce your water and chemical consumption to the optimum minimum for your application. In doing so, we use the entire range of technologies in the pressure range from 10 bar and up.

Walter focuses on the user and develops new, simplified, safe and innovative cleaning technologies for him that make his work easier and more efficient.

We automate cleaning tasks, improving cleaning quality and reproducibility. As your business grows, Walter's modular, durable equipment with its expansion reserves can be adapted to your new requirements.

As a fair partner, we will be happy to advise you individually on which solution best suits your needs. And we do this competently, flexibly, honestly and service-oriented.

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Competence and experience.
Safety and efficiency.
Quality and sustainability
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