next level – more than cleaning since 1974.

What began in a small barn in 1974 has developed into a 50-year success story that we look back on with pride and pleasure.

50 years Walter >

50 Jahre WALTER Gerätebau GmbH

next level cleaning.

Powerful. Sustainable. And maximum efficiency in terms of cleaning power:

Specifically developed for use in the concrete industry, the RD3maX nozzle system can cope with even the harshest environments.

The new RD3maX >

When everything stays where it belongs, than it is
next level sealing.


simple - safe- sealed

The Fitting that actually fits!


BFM® Fittings >

When coatings are subjected to precise forces, then it's 
next level testing.


Exact - reproducible - reliable. 

We do exactly what you want us to do! 


Steam jet testers >

When everything's squeaky clean after production, then it's 
next level cleaning.

Only use as much pressure as necessary. 
Only use as much water as necessary. 
Apply fine-pored foam
Those are our strengths

Food industry >

If it's clean even where you can't see it, it's
next level cleaning.


For all types of containers and mixers, we configure individual cleaning systems for sustainable and efficient cleaning.

Non-Food >

next level cleaning
Individual cleaning systems


Who we serve
Whether for the food, pharmaceutical, concrete, solar or automotive industries, our cleaning equipment is used wherever heavy soiling needs to be removed sustainably in an industrial environment. If required, we also develop individual automated cleaning methods together with our customers. We ensure the effectiveness of the chosen method by developing the correct parameters on site.

What is important to us
Some of our equipment has been in use for 30 years. In other words: we traditionally put the highest value on our product quality - as well as to fast, reliable service, great know-how and uncomplicated, personal help. We think along with the customer and give clear, honest recommendations. We also promote fair beviour among business partners and colleagues and - despite all our professionalism - a family-like atmosphere.


Reinigt Kutterwagen von Innen mit Druckwasser und Chemie

next level sealing
Flexibel Connectors

When it comes to safe and clean connectors, there is no way around the innovative BFM® Fittings. As an authorized sales partner, we are the right partner for you!

next level testing
steam jet testing equipment

Paint adhesion tests according to DIN EN ISO and individual factory standards from manufacturers all over the world - precise, reproducible, reliable.

next level service for over 50 years!

In addition to our traditionally high product quality, fast, reliable service, uncomplicated assistance, and extensive expertise have been a given for us for decades. And as our valued customer, you are our main focus.

At WALTER, we don't just develop and produce our high-quality system solutions. We also take care of assembly and commissioning, timely maintenance, safety inspections, and preventive maintenance measures for you. Prompt and competent spare parts service is a given and we pride ourselves in providing spare parts even for those systems that have already run for over 20 years and more. We also provide replacement and emergency equipment as temporary solutions where possible.

Wherever you are, our qualified service technicians are closeby: if not in person then by phone or video chat. In short: we help and advise you wherever we can, to find individually suitable solutions for your needs.

Competent, flexible, honest, and service-oriented.

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Mobilgeräte CNK140, CN130, CDW
How can we help you?

next level is Walter

Up to date information on activities, trade shows, product news. 


Trade shows

Trade shows


06.-07. December - ICCX Eurasia | KZ

08.-10. Februrary - Precast Show | Denver, USA

19.-22. March - Anuga Foodtec | Cologne, Germany

10.-14. April - ACHEMA | Frankfurt, Germany

18.-20. April -  GIC - The Italian Concrete Days | Piacenza, Italien

26.-27. June - KIN Roundtable Petfood | Neumünster, Germany

24.-26. Septembre - Cfia | Toulouse, France

02.-04. Octobre - Sim | Dijon, France

24.-27. Octobre - Asia Concrete Expo | South Korea



With Walter's individual pressure cleaners, you can reach a whole new level of economically and ecologically optimised cleaning results. Our sustainable, high-quality and durable products Made in Germany will benefit both your equipment as well as the environment in the long term.

NEW: Cleanjet - 2 in 1 solution for truck drum cleaning

NEW: Cleanjet - 2 in 1 solution for truck drum cleaning

For the sustainable cleaning of truck mixer drums, Walter has the innovative 2 in 1 solution for you.You can thus easily clean the fresh concrete out of the drum of your concrete trucks daily and remove the hardened concrete from the drum on the other side.

Product news

Product news

A typical problem of any business with various passageways: dirt and germs are dragged back and forth, be it by shoes or carts, trolleys and other wheeled means of transport. 
Our innovation now puts an end to this: the automatic passageway disinfection system kills germs before they cross the area boundaries.

Career at Walter

Career at Walter

Information on your career perspectives at Walter: 

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