Combine pressure, volume and heat and you'll reach the
next level cleaning.

Multi-pump units in modular design Multi-pump unit MRS

The powerful multi-pump units supply up to 12 spraying facilities simultaneously with the optimum pressure and the necessary water quantity in large operations. The PLC-controlled systems switch the pumps on and off intelligently and as needed, free of pressure fluctuations. The various functions, such as a weekly timer, can be set in the user-friendly display. The system is insensitive to small leaks and only switches on when there is actually a demand.

With various optional equipment, the units can be ideally adapted to your application:

  • Pre-pressure pump for long pipe networks and low supply pressure
  • Cold water control: cold water is switched on when water supply is too hot
  • Min-max control for flow tank
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Multi-tower version for up to 48 workplaces

For high utilization we also offer special designs with continuous duty pumps.

Multi-pump units in modular design Multi-pump unit MRS


More efficient cleaning.
Optimized cleaning results.
Save on ressources.

Technical data

Lance operation:

2-12 spray facilities simultaneously

No of pumps:

up to 4 or 6

Delivery capacity:

20-300 l/min / 5-80 gal/min

Operating pressure:

30-200 bar / 435-2900 psi

Motor capacity:

4-11 kW / 5-15 hp per pump 


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