When coatings are subject to precise impacts, 

then it is next level testing.

LTA3D Steam Jet Tester for an automatic testing of up to 20 test pieces

Here, identical test methods are possible as in the LTA1, but instead of taking individual test pieces, which requires frequent intervention by the operator, successive testing of several (up to 20) test pieces is now possible through automated approach of individual test positions without intermediate intervention by the operator. Simply clamp the test pieces, select or set the test method, and the LTA3D takes care of the rest. In the meantime, the operator can prepare further test pieces, evaluate the previous tests or perform other tests on other devices.

Setting options analogous to the LTA1 system:

  • operating pressure (up to 140 bar), resp. flow volume (up to 15 l/min)
  • test medium temperature (up to 70, resp. 80°C)
  • nozzle
  • nozzle distance
  • spray angle
  • spray duration


Multiple parameter combinations can be stored for repeated recall without potential for error.

Laserpointer, versatile mounting options and fixtures as well as spacers facilitate preparation for a reliable test sequence.

Circular flow operation saves valuable resources through reduced water and energy consumption.

The right testing device - the right nozzle - a competent service team: the Walter complete package!

Our entire nozzle program matches both the LTA1 and the LTA3D. Due to the pre-mounted quick coupling, an exchange within seconds is possible with simultaneous exact spray jet alignment - a change of the test method with nozzle exchange is therefore carried out within the shortest possible time and without tools. 

In addition to the usually specified nozzle jet test by means of a foam block, an electronic measurement of the spray pattern of any nozzle incl. numerical and graphical evaluation is also possible in the LTA3D with the option "impact force measurement".

Contact us for more detailed technical data and possibilities of the LTA3D!

And here, as with all Walter systems, our service promise applies: maintenance, repair, calibration - all from one source. Reliable, competent and in compliance with standards. 


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LTA1 - the economical solution for one single test piece

LTA1 - the economical solution for one single test piece

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Walter Service

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