Combine pressure, volume and heat and you'll reach the
next level cleaning.

Single pump unit CNA

for medium sized plants

The robust single-pump units are a true classic at Walter, which for many years have been supplying small and medium-sized operations with 1-2 spray facilities with the optimum pressure and the necessary water quantity during cleaning. The units are designed for wall mounting in a plant room.

With various optional equipment, the units can be ideally adapted to your application:

  • Shutdown logic with flow monitor / pressure switch
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Flow tank
  • Electric instantaneous water heater up to 48kW
Single pump unit CNA for medium sized plants


More efficient cleaning.
Optimized cleaning results.
Save on ressources.

Technical data

Gun operation:

1-2 spray units simultaneously

Delivery capacity:

10-41 l/min / 3 - 11 gal/min

Operating pressure:

30-250 bar / 400 - 3600 psi

Motor capacity:

4-6,5 kW / 5-9 hp


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