When previously strenuous tasks now merely
require a touch of a button, it's next level cleaning.

Cleaning systems for truck mixer drums

We have the optimal system for the sustainable cleaning of truck mixer drums. This is a simple way for you to regularly clean the drums of your concrete trucks so that a low vehicle weight is permanently maintained, operating costs are reduced, and transport capacity is increased.

The system thus offers you the following advantages:

  • Increased transport capacity - Transport fresh concrete instead of cakings
  • Lower operating costs - The empty weight of the truck mixer is reduced
  • Drum can be used longer - Gentle cleaning compared to other methods
  • Higher vehicle availability - Shorter cleaning times
  • NO risk of accident - The dangerous manual drum cleaning is no longer necessary

The system is ideal for operators of a fleet with several truck mixers.

We would be glad to prepare an individual profitability analysis with your data!

Simply clean every day.
Maintain payload - avoid ballast.
Save truck drum.

Designed for daily cleaning

How does the cleaning process work?

  • Unload the residual concrete from the truck
  • Position truck at the corresponding marking for cleaning
  • Fold up the swivel-mounted feed hopper on the truck
  • Adjust the angle of the lance
  • Start the appropriate washing program
  • Drain washing water into the recycling plant
  • Finished!

How long does a cleaning take and how much water is used?

  • The cleaning takes about 6min
  • For 1 cleaning approx. 300L of water are used
  • By the way, this corresponds to approximately the amount of water that has been used so far for clear rinsing of the drum.
Walter FMT during cleaning in the drumWalter FMT during cleaning in the drum
Walter FMT Schema Aufbau Fahrmischertrommelreinigung

Cleaning of a truck mixer drum for ready-mix concrete

Example for hopper modifications

For daily cleaning, the hopper of the truck mixer must be able to be folded up quickly and easily by the operator.
More and more suppliers of truck mixers are offering a solution ex works. And existing trucks can often be modified with simple means.

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