When previously strenuous tasks now merely
require a touch of a button, it's next level cleaning.

Walter Cleanjet 2 in 1 solution for truck drum cleaning

For the sustainable cleaning of truck mixer drums, Walter has the innovative 2 in 1 solution for you.
You can thus easily clean the fresh concrete out of the drum of your concrete trucks daily and remove the hardened concrete from the drum on the other side.

Situation 1:

     / Daily automatic drum cleaning at 220 bar
     / Water saving cleaning - Usage of recycling water possible
     / Stationary operation of trailer

Situation 2:

     / Drive trailer to other sites for concrete removal with 1500 bar
     / Operation with external ultra high pressure pump (rental system)

Düsenkopf für die tägliche ReinigungNozzle head for daily cleaning
Nozzle head for concrete removal
Simply clean every day.
2 in 1 solution for hardened concrete.
Save truck drum.

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Sabine Neumann


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